Projects 2018

31 December 2018
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IDA Network -Board meetings

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IDA Network -Board meetings Sofia, Bulgaria April-December In the period between April and December 6 meetings between the members of the Board and the […]

31 December 2018
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International Youth Center “Project Lab”

31 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on International Youth Center “Project Lab”

International Youth Center “Project Lab” Sofia, Bulgaria 01.01-31.12.2018   In 2018, we created an International Youth Center “Project Lab”, whose main objective is to […]

10 December 2018
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Training course

10 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training course

Training course   The main purpose of the training was to introduce to young people basic concepts, such as social entrepreneurship, business plan, social […]

5 December 2018
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Training`s, meetings, workshops

5 December 2018, Comments Comments Off on Training`s, meetings, workshops

Training`s, meetings, workshops Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Italy 01.10-30.11.2018   Within two months, various events were held, in order to raise awareness among representatives […]

20 October 2018
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Information campaign

20 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on Information campaign

Information campaign Five Bulgarian cities 25.09-15.10.2018   Between 25.09 and 15.10.2018 an information campaign in five Bulgarian cities, named “Youth Caravan”, was conducted, which […]

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