Campaign, workshops, training's, street actions, exhibitions, flash mobs

10 December 2017
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10 December 2017, Comments Comments Off on Campaign, workshops, training’s, street actions, exhibitions, flash mobs
Place of implementation: Sofia, BG; Nis, RS, Kavadarci, FYROM, Sarajevo, B&H, Tirana, AL, Thessaloniki, GR, Brussels, BE, IR
Duration:01 April - 30 November 2017
Number and profile of participants:300 Youth workers, volunteers, youth
Type of activity:Campaigns, workshops, training`s, street actions, exhibitions, flash mobs, online action
Theme:Promoting intercultural learning and understanding; Tolerance and respect of human rights; Human Rights; Strengthening the role of Youth NGOs in promoting HR and democratic reform; European Awareness; Dissemination of information on Community action

Hate Fighters Network was created as the result of the work on the issue of combat against hate speech online through Hate Fighters program.  General aim of HFN is to strengthen the role of young people in peace-building activities and combat against hate speech.

Hate Fighters program has a basic idea to educate young people about combat against hate speech online, what hate speech online is, to recognize and report it, ways to sanction it etc, through: peer education, legal aspect, street art (graphics, hip hop and break dance, rap music and photography) and online activism.

What is important is that the program was created by young people, with the support of the experts, so the set of peer education workshops was developed as well as a song and choreography “Stop Hate Speech”, as well as graphics (comics, illustrations, stencils etc) and photos that promote combat against hate speech.

The main aims was:

  1. Raising awareness among young people and helping them understand better what hate speech is and that it can actually lead to like hate crime and other sequences
  2. Inform young people how to efficiently fight against hate speech in non violent way
  3. Present graffiti as an effective way to combat hate speech
  4. Inform young people about NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT
  5. Stimulate the active participation of young people towards hate speech by inspiring them to become activists against hate speech.

The campaign runs from 2016, and in 2017 we have included new activities and initiatives, including:

In the Hate Fighters work plan 2017 was the organization of Hate Fighters Network campaign for the promotion of the combat against hate speech online which was done simultaneously in 8 member countries and which was a unique and coherent approach at the European level. The campaign was organized from April to November 2017 in all participating countries.

The campaign had 3 main elements:

  1. Education and promotion in the local communities
  2. Contribution to NHSM through European Action Days
  3. Online engagement of 8 HFN member organizations.


  1. 450 young people were educated to combat against hate speech using creative methods (photography, graphics, hip hop dance and music) and they were equipped with knowledge and skills for future work with young people in the field of combating against hate speech through 30 organized and implemented creative workshops.
  2. The number of young people who participated in different kind of activities such as flash mobs, exhibitions, events, action days was more than 9000.
  3. More than 10 flash mobs were organized during the project
  4. During the project more than 8 exhibitions were organized independently or as a part of important city events in every partner country; exhibitions enabled a big number of people to learn not only about Hate Fighters program and HFN, but also to get to know about youth activism in the field of combat against hate speech.
  5. The awareness about the problem of hate speech was raised in local communities in 8 participating countries
  6. HFN member organizations build their capacities by getting new, educated activists, ready to implement variety of activities in the field of the combat against hate speech; every organization is equipped with skills and competences to start new program at the local and European level and to raise visibility of the whole program, as well as to increase local and national impact in their countries

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