Active Youth Participation

17 November 2013
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Active Youth Participation

Aim: The project aimed to improve the quality of youth participation projects in European countries by developing young people and youth workers competences in the field of project management and youth participation through non – formal education training.

The Objectives were:

  • Experience typical challenges in youth participation projects and coaching groups of young people;
  • List item 2
  • Develop participants understanding of necessary conditions for youth participation;
  • Increase participants understanding of youth participation in its different dimensions: decision making, youth policy lobbying, NGYO’s programes & activities;
  • Develop participants skills and knowledge in basic facilitation of groups of young people;
  • Provide participants with standard theory, skills and tools to design, implement and evaluate meaningful and effective youth participation projects;
  • Introduce concrete tools and criteria to assess quality in participative projects;
  • Develop participants understanding of participation projects cycle, including needs analysis, aims, objectives, methodology, plan of activities, evaluation and follow – up;
  • Explore different values and types of youth participation projects and possible participatory approaches in their methodology;
  • Exchange experiences, good practices, opinions, educational tools and materials related to youth participation projects.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to design a youth participation project to implement as a follow – up of the training, while strengthening the network between the involved partner NGYO’s;
  • Introduce a series of resources and funding opportunities that can be useful for bringing participants projects to reality, namely Youth in Action program.
Place of implementation: Bansko, Bulgaria
Duration:13-21 September 2013
Main activities:Training Course
Organizer:International Development Alliance
Partner Countries:Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain

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