Action 1- Partners meeting

Action 1: Project management and team meetings (25-28.01.2018)


The venture is closely related to the administrative and scientific coordination and management of the project by the project team (the leading organization and the leading partners).  Activities that would be done, during the meeting: signing the partnership contract, developing a methodology for work with the target groups and media, plan for the future activities and budgeting.


The activity is related to administration and scientific coordination. At the beginning of the project we had a team meeting for clarifying the parameters, project activities, correspondence, coordination and assurance of quality and control – three-monthly reports. 9 representatives of each partner state attended the meeting. Methods: presentations, discussions, documentation development, group work.


  • Conducted meeting with representatives from all the partnership organizations – 9 participants;
  • A methodology for quality and control for evaluation the way the activities are implemented was created;
  • A methodology for work with the target groups was developed;
  • A Communicational strategy was created;
  • Contracts for delegating and responsibilities were signed;
  • Documentation related to the project were developed.

 Materials to download: 

  1. Program first partner meeting;
  2. Resume of the project;
  3. Communication and Dissemination Plan;
  4. Description of the activities and timetable.


Action 2: Meeting with experts
Action 3: Digitization
Action 4: Educational activities
Action 5: Public activities
Action 6: Final Conference
Action 7: Dissemination