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27 February 2017
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27 February 2017, Comments Comments Off on Info campaign, info days, workshops, presentations
Place of implementation: Priego de Córdoba, Spain
Duration:24-26 February 2017
Number and profile of participants:32 Youth leaders, project managers, young people, volunteers, NGOs
Type of activity:Info campaign, info days, workshops, presentations
Theme:Debate on European matters, EU policies or youth policies; Local Democracy and Citizen Participation; Strengthening the role of the Youth NGOs in democratic reform; Local Development; Capacity Building in Active Citizenship and Democracy; Capacity Building for Youth NGOs;

The main aim of the information day campaign was to acquaint young people with the opportunities offered by Erasmus +, and to support their active participation in youth projects and programs.Using the non formal education we provided to the participants information about european programs and chances that they have, to take part in projects and as participants and also to create and develop project granted for public bodies and private donors.

An information day was held in Priego de Córdoba, Spain with the participation of 32 representatives of youth organizations, where the Erasmus + program was presented and several project ideas developed. A number of issues related to problem formulation, project design ideas and project cycle management were also discussed. The participants received a set of materials as well as methodological guidance in the design, management and reporting of projects.

Another focus of the information days was on youth projects with the participation of local authorities. The role of the need for interaction between youth organizations and institutions at local and national level has been highlighted, improving the microclimate and active participation of young people in projects related to youth policies and solutions. Representatives of the municipality also took part in the meeting.


  • Increasing the capacity of youth workers with regard to the quality of youth projects;
  • Increasing capacity of youth trainers in conducting training courses;
  • Proposed measures and ways to recognize key competencies

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