2 May 2017
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Category: Projects 2017
2 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on
Place of implementation: Teteven, Bulgaria
Duration:26 - 28 April 2017
Number and profile of participants:41 Youth leaders, workers, trainers, volunteers, NGOs, local authorities
Type of activity:Meeting-discussion and workshops; Capacity-building course for youth workers, youth organisations and multipliers; Meetings between representatives of NGOs and national governments to officially validate non-formal education
Theme:Representation of the views and interests of young people in their diversity at European level; Local democracy, local and regional reforms; Institutionalization of the youth participation; Structured dialogue; Lobbying; Advocacy; Interaction between youth NGOs and local authorities

In the period 26-28.04.2017 a meeting was held between representatives of NGOs and local / state authorities to improve communication and cooperation in the implementation of projects funded by national and European funds, presentation of the Erasmus + program. The meeting discussed how to improve the level of project proposals under different programs, managing the project cycle in line with program requirements. The focus of the meeting was to assess the sustainability of youth projects after their completion.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to the strategic management of the non-governmental sector as part of the overall policy of the organization. Several problems and suggestions have been identified, namely:

  1. Need to improve the quality of projects and track their sustainability;
  2. The need for additional training for youth leaders in order to improve public opinion and attitudes towards the sector;
  3. Developing additional and efficient national youth programs and raising the level of youth activity and participation;
  4. Improving the interaction between NGOs and local authorities in empowering citizens and their active participation in the governance process;

It was found that the main themes and the broad scope of the problems affecting young people necessitated the implementation of a multisectoral approach in the implementation of the Youth Activities Program. In this connection, it can not make progress without successful cooperation with other sectors – education, employment, social inclusion, gender equality, health, competitiveness, etc.

The meeting involved 41 representatives of youth organizations, local authorities, trade union representatives and employers’ representatives.


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